Monday, June 27, 2016

Diaper Backpacks?

If i was gonna get one... i definitely wanted a backpack type. Came across this 3 Black Beauties~

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack [ =DKK 995]

  • 38 x 38 x 17 cm
  • Like: Pram straps
  • Dislike: Bottle pockets outside making the bag look bigger n wider than it already is if used

The Honest Company City Faux Leather Diaper Backpack [USD 149.99]

  • 13.5 (w) x 18 (h) x 7 (d) inches
  • Like: Zip closure
  • Like: Back-zip for easy access
  • Like: Bottle pockets in bag
  • Dislike: No attached stroller straps

Storksak Poppy Changing Bag

  • 32 (h) x 39 (l) x 14 (d) cm

Nevertheless... i dun think i'll be getting one at the moment. i dun think i'll really need it since i do not go out that often over here. Probably use my Longchamp bag or Hershel backpack n see how they go first. :) Save some money first. Hehh! Can owez buy later if i decide to have one. ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The ShopPing NevER StOPs~

Buying stuffs seem like a never ending process. Every time u think u've bought everything... something else will come up. :/ i feel broke eventho im not the one paying. 

So we've gotten both a stroller and a pram. Hehe!! Easy-fold but sturdy stroller for travelling or when baby gets old enuff to seat.... n a beautiful pram for the sleeping baby out & about in Thisted. :D

Two weekends ago [4June2016]... we drove down to Holstebro to check out the Ferarri Red pram as i've mentioned previously. The first thing we saw when we pulled up at the guy's house was a car with the number plate 'SOFIA'. i was in disbelief. wat are the odds?!! its like everyone in Denmark named their daughter Sofia. Swt. 

anywayz... after looking at the pram... negotiating the price... we finally came to an agreement with Mr. Valentin to buy it for DKK 3,700. SOLD!! ;) YAY!!
Coming HOME with US!! :D

Hubs cleaned the wheels and the chassis frame so it looks new. We even bought an Alcantara fabric cleaner for the pram. Lols. i Love this pram more n more everyday. haha!! Must definitely take the time to bring it & baby out for walks after baby's fullmoon perhaps... n show off our sexy red ferarri pram. #vroomvroom ;)

Our Stokke Scoot V2 stroller was delivered on the same week... YAY!! I hope we made all the right choices.... can't wait to try them all out once baby arrives. :D

Apart from that... i've also made some flashcards to teach baby ABC & 123 in the future. Better to make n prepare now incase later no time. LoL. Also plan to make some DIY sensory bags/bottles for baby to play with and develop her senses.

Last friday night [10June2016]... we did quite abit of shopping on Amazon UK. Bought baby 2 books... one Nursery Rhymes n one Fairy Tales. Can read & sing to baby once they arrive. YaY! Also got me some Disposable undies for use in the hospital post-partum. Hubs bought some sunshades for the windows at home (hope they're thick enuff to serve its purpose)

N then on Saturday... we went to Aalborg to do more shopping. =.=" HAhahah!! My fav activity tbh. LoL. Bought some stuffs from Ikea and even got my Starbucks Caramel Machiato fix. So HapPy!! 

On Sunday nite... hubby did summore shopping for himself n his tennis buddies. Lol. New bag coming soon. Matches his shoes too!
He said it's his birthday pressie worr.... but its oni June?! Heh!

N after all that... i still havent but wanto buy my Nursing bra/cammi, SkipHop Stroller Organizer, a wet bag for dirty diapers.... n this dress i like n perhaps a kimono bathrobe (non-satin) if found.

See what i mean by the shopping never STOPs??!! No more money Liao lo~

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The doUBle siZe floOr Home beD~

i've found it!!! The uLTimate doUBle Floor Home beD~~~ Can be made @ NorWood Denmark Check it oUT!!! <so i can sleep wif baby in it too>